Explaination of Exams & Quizzes

Every effort must be made to prepare for and take quizzes and 
examinations on time.  If you are prevented by some verifiable catastrophe
from taking an examination at the scheduled time, see me as soon as possible
to make alternative arrangements.  It may be possible for you to take the
examination slightly early or slightly late.  (Having two examinations on
the same day is a typical occurrence and is not viewed as a serious
matter.)  It is your responsibility to make these arrangements with your
instructors as soon as possible.  An examination may not be taken, however,
after it is returned to other students, and a score of zero will be recorded
for the examination. 
 Quizzes usually cover one chapter and examinations could cover
multiple chapters.  The final examination will be comprehensive, but will
not cover any concepts that were not considered on the previous quizzes and
examinations.  All quizzes and examinations will be written in reference to
the text or to any other books or notes used throughout the course of the
presented material at that time.
 An equation sheet will be provided with each quiz and examination so
there is no need to memorize the equations.  Do not assume that the equation
sheet will enable you to complete an examination or quiz successfully
without understanding the concepts the equations represent.
 Calculators may be used but not shared during quizzes or
examinations.  If you need a calculator, purchase a good one that has the
capability of using scientific notation, calculating reciprocals, and
perhaps finding the slope of a straight-line graph.  Practicing arithmetic
by hand is not one of the goals of this course.  Always have your calculator
with you for lectures as well as laboratory sessions.
 Quizzes, examinations, and the final examination will consist of
problems, multiple-choice questions, true or false questions, and matching
questions.  You will understand the questions and problems after several
diligent study sessions, and in fact many former students have found the
examinations interesting and intellectually challenging, much as a game of