At this time you may print off a copy of your grades and have them signed 
by your parents and bring them in to me for extra credit.  The last day that
I will accept them will be 2/13/09.
   Welcome back Students, hope everyone had a great SUMMER BREAK.  
Hopefully, all of you got plenty of rest and are ready to kick off a brand
new year.  I am very excited about getting to know you, as well as, those of
you that have already taken one of my classes. 
   Honors Physical science should be checking the website periodically for 
the Semester 1 Final Exam Review. 
   Keep in mind that FINAL EXAM reviews are on this website and you should 
be taking advantage of any spare time to prepare yourself for these exams. 
The calendar is what we will be following to keep us on track as we progress
through the semester.  Make sure that you are keeping up with your homework
and studying for exams.
   Parents and students I have put grades into the parent portal and can 
find a hyper link to that site from this website as well as accessing it
through the school website.  Please Keep in mind that I will not be taking
any late grades, but students will be able to do some extra credit to make
up some missing assignments.  Of course, this should not be an excuse to not
turn in homework.
   If you (parents or students) have any questions what so ever concerning 
anything that is in the website please don't hesitate to call.  My door is
always open.
Home 373-0444
Cell 204-3588
Kevin Brinkman
Middle School Science Teacher